VI. Macsabal Symposium

Macsabal Symposium was held here in Hacettepe University, Department of Ceramics. This is the 6th symposium organized by Mutlu Başkaya and Kim Yong Moon. This time I attended to the symposium as an artist. It was a good experience for me since I have not attend to any symposium for 3 years after “Ceramic Laboratory” symposium which was held in Latvia by Valentins Petjko. It was a good experience. The best part of this experience is I am at home.

At home and my wife Ruhsar is with me

The first task in this symposium is to shape 40×40 tiles. Our students had already made the tiles so its easy to shape them.


At first I was little confused what to do but it pass quickly. I began to shape them according to my drawings.

These drawings are the inspration of my tiles

At the end tiles are resulted like this:

My tiles
My tiles

Not too bad. Not bad at all. I am satisfied with these. I think I find something new to follow.

The second task is about shaping a form. It was not a problem because I already decided what to do. There were two ideas I was studying on:



And they got bigger in the symposium:

I like it. My only concern was the color. I have always working with black clays but this is white. Light and shadow is a little bit different. At the end, my suspicion came true and the color of the form was not good. It got out from the kiln like this:


They definitly need color somewhere. I can not say I am satisfied with the results. The only thing I can get from these forms are details. They are like this:




Here are some photography from symposium of me.

Final ceremony: